Meeting friends again…

A great couple from Minnesota and their cousin from Boise met us for dinner tonight. See save me story from earlier. We invited friends out west and I can say they showed up. I keep telling them to start a blog… I hope the few of you that read this blog can meet, if not them , great people just like em. ( trust me the bar is high,) The best type of people you can ever meet. Their everyday stories are way better than any long bike trip. Too many stories to even paraphrase. We hope we were entertaining enough to Ever repay them for all their great stories and acts of kindness that have carried us across the western states and really started our trip from a bike trip to a story of our own. Thank you thank you, I hope we meet again ..and not just for a combine ride. Come east some time and maybe some of your amazing human spirit can rub off on us.



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