No internet , no bikes this way , and leaving tech around like Santa

Sat 76 miles
Sun 50 miles
Monday 91 miles
Tuesday 53
270 total

1 flat (pinch) tube no hole

1 hotel …2 camping so far …1 night best friends ever….
Sorry no updates..
No internet at hotel tue night Whitehall Ny.. gave away ( lol )cell phone Sunday night in Grafton NH…been taking pics but not wasting cell/battery waiting until better sun for charging or hotel…

More updates climbed killington hill Vt Rte 4 .  got rained on good last night…monsoon too wet for pics..riding 3 inch streams lots of fun. Free shower fun till got cold.. . Watched Olympic trials and tour de France preview. It is summer. Whitehall port great vacation spot lots of history in this area of NY … had a flat… found many roads that turned into no bikes downtown rutland (vt 4) .old Saratoga rd. NY.  And Rte 9 Saratoga ….lots of rush hour traffic ..touching tires of 18 wheelers NY in bike lanes is fun lol.

Smelled best barbeque burgers …
Best pizza ever at Justin’s pizza worth the ride from anywhere….

Did lots more ,like pedal staring at a big red travel bag for 10 hrs a day. Person up front saw 3 deer 4 rabbits 10 turkeys 2 turtles..


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