Least I didn’t get runned over today!


This is some of our technology collection for this trip.. one is a old phone/GPS. Two is a old iphone /camera. Three is an ipod for
internet and fourth is an old phone being used as a battery charger w solar panel for GPS unit ( batteries last five hours took five batteries on trip).

Look closer…. I’m not allowed to touch number three ,yet all work still. 1 fell out of cradle and slid under five cars on a bumpy bridge in Portland. 2 is a good example of not taking pics while triking… it was already cracked. But in Tilton nh. It too took a lil tumble into road and well… it got runned over like crunch…..loud.. and yet still works..

First gear review apple makes tanks ..go. buy one run it over , get a cracked screen but it keeps taking a licking…



Scenes for the crimes against technology


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